Friday, October 21, 2005

The War In Iraq And President Bush.

So many people disagree with the war in Iraq. I really don't see why everyone is against it. Some people say that we are only over there because Bush wants to finish what his dad started. So what if that's true? Most of us would do the same. I think that the older Bush should have finished the war back in Desert Storm. But he didn't so it needed to be finished by someone. And who better to do it than his son? People say that there where weapons of mass destruction over there. I believe that there where. If they where going to use them against us or not I guess we will never know for sure. But the bottom line is I see nothing wrong with the war for whatever reason it was started. I think that you should support America's troop and also your president. I hear so many people complain about him when in my opinion he did nothing wrong. He did what he thought he had to do to get a dictator out of power. He is doing his best so what more do people want from him? And also people blame him for high gas prices. What did he do call up the weather man and order a hurricane? I don't think so.


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