Friday, October 21, 2005

So Many Zombies In Half-Life 2...

Why did they add so many zombies? There are so many that it acualy makes the game boring because all they do is run at you for the most part. They don't shoot at you. They don't try to dodge your shots. They don't do anything to make the game more fun. It would be much more fun if we could fight the guards/army the whole time instead. They acualy try to stay alive and also try to kill you. It is a very fun game but as I said it tends to get boring. I acualy stopped playing in the level "I Won't Goto Ravenholm". Yea, I wish I didn't goto Ravenholm... All there are is zombies there. I want to get farther but it gets boring after like 10 minutes of killing mindless creatures. But the game is really good. The physics kick ass! The AI of the enemies is also very good except for the zombies of course. But I just wish they didn't add so many zombies to the game.


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