Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rap, Is It Even Music?

Well the answer to that is no! Rap shouldn't be considered music in my opinion. All it is is people talking. They don't have good guitars, drums, bass, banjos, or anything like that. No good instruments or good vocals. To have good music you need a good combination of vocals and instruments. You can't get away with just one, except in some songs that are just instrumental. Why do people like it? I never could figure it out. The subject of the songs also sucks. For the most part it's only about drugs and killing people. Not the best topics for songs if you ask me. Although there are some good songs about drugs but that's different. So to everyone who reads this. Don't listen to rap. Listen to real music.


Blogger CourtneyE said...

yay! I agree, rap is horrible and awfull and shouldnt be listened to. It is just plain stupid and sounds reeeally bad too. Umm yep thats all I got to say on this subject.

2:26 PM  

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