Thursday, October 27, 2005

People Who Dress In All Black Are Freaks?

Today at school someone asked my one friend if "that freak" was coming back. They where referring to a guy who dressed in all black who stopped coming to school but never officially dropped out. And then later on me and my friend where talking and she said that the person who asked if he was coming back probably thought I was also a freak. I always wear black, and I also have a mohawk. I just thought it was funny because I normally consider people who dress in all black and stuff to be the "cool people". The reason being I am one of them so you know. So the message of this blog is this: don't dress like preps and jocks, dress like us "cool people". Yea black clothes rule!! Haha as the title of this site states, this is just where I write random stuff.


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