Monday, October 24, 2005

Guys Playing Girl Characters In Games.

Some people think that guys who play girl characters are weird. Most guys I know play as girl characters sometime. I do it myself. Infact the picture is of my new character Thy Angel Of Fire. I don't see anything wrong with it. Especially in Guild Wars a lot of people do it. There are a few reasons which are in my opinion very good reasons. For one thing the girls dance much better. Most of the guy characters dances make them look gay. But the girls dance good. Well most of them do anyway. Also most guy characters are just ugly. And in a game where a lot of it is about making your character look cool ugly characters just don't work. The one character that I think the male versions looks better than the female version is the Necromancer. They are supposed to look evil and stuff the but the female version just looks rather normal. For the male version you can get armor that has black spikes growing out of your skin and stuff like that. So they do look cool and they dance well also. So don't think people are weird for playing characters of the opposite sex. Most people do it and most of them aren't weird.


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