Friday, October 21, 2005

Google's New Custom Homepage Feature

I figured I would write up a blog on my favorite Google feature. It is the custom homepage. You can add or remove many different things. They have news from different sites, weather, word of the day, quotes, and more. And of course with it being Google it has the all-mighty search on top. I use it to check the weather everyday. And I also use it for the news too. But my favorite part is the quotes section. Everyday it shows me three new quotes and who they are by. There have been some really good ones on there. Everyday I go on at least to check the quotes. I love reading quotes by different people. On my homepage I have the weather, three new quotes each day, the word of the day, news from CNET, news from Tech Dirt, the top stories form whatever news place they come from(I really don't know as I rarely read any of them), and finally the all-mighty Google search. Plus you can add different amounts of the things like more news from a particular site or more words of the day. What would we all do without Google? You have to love it.


Blogger CourtneyE said...

Yep, Google rules. I never heard of this new home page though. I want it!! what's the site? I like quote reading too, and I wanna see a word of the day! thats randomly cool. I don't really care of news or weather though. The windows the best weather man around, and any inportent news I'm sure to hear about. But I go to so many times a day it should be my homepage.

2:36 PM  

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