Friday, November 18, 2005

iPods Are Great!!

I just got an iPod and it is awesome! It is the 60GB iPod Video. I have about 3,000 songs, 100 music videos, and about 1,150 pictures on it and still have over 45GB's free. The video quality is great too. And the sound quality couldn't get any better. I just love it. The screen is pretty big as well. It's cool that there are a lot of different accessories that you can buy for it too. It is very hard to find the plastic screen protectors though. I had to buy one for the PSP and cut it to fit my screen. And the 60GB iPod doesn't have a charger that connects to the wall though. You can either only charge it while it's hooked up to your computer or buy a charger for $30. I am going to get a charger for when I'm not at my PC, like when I go camping and stuff. I also want the car charger for it. And the coolest charger there is is a solar charger. I want to get that too. I listen to my iPod all the time. I listen to it on my way to and from school and even while I'm at my computer. It also comes with some games on it. I'd like to see more games made for it but I don't know if that will happen. But my suggestion to everyone is to get an iPod. They are awesome.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

People Who Dress In All Black Are Freaks?

Today at school someone asked my one friend if "that freak" was coming back. They where referring to a guy who dressed in all black who stopped coming to school but never officially dropped out. And then later on me and my friend where talking and she said that the person who asked if he was coming back probably thought I was also a freak. I always wear black, and I also have a mohawk. I just thought it was funny because I normally consider people who dress in all black and stuff to be the "cool people". The reason being I am one of them so you know. So the message of this blog is this: don't dress like preps and jocks, dress like us "cool people". Yea black clothes rule!! Haha as the title of this site states, this is just where I write random stuff.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Guys Playing Girl Characters In Games.

Some people think that guys who play girl characters are weird. Most guys I know play as girl characters sometime. I do it myself. Infact the picture is of my new character Thy Angel Of Fire. I don't see anything wrong with it. Especially in Guild Wars a lot of people do it. There are a few reasons which are in my opinion very good reasons. For one thing the girls dance much better. Most of the guy characters dances make them look gay. But the girls dance good. Well most of them do anyway. Also most guy characters are just ugly. And in a game where a lot of it is about making your character look cool ugly characters just don't work. The one character that I think the male versions looks better than the female version is the Necromancer. They are supposed to look evil and stuff the but the female version just looks rather normal. For the male version you can get armor that has black spikes growing out of your skin and stuff like that. So they do look cool and they dance well also. So don't think people are weird for playing characters of the opposite sex. Most people do it and most of them aren't weird.

Guild Wars Guild Looking For Members.

The guild I'm the leader of in Guild Wars needs more members. We are called Dawn's Omen. We are a guild mainly about PvE. We also like to GvG when we have enough good people on. We PvP in the team arenas sometimes too. We have the snowy island as our guild hall. We also have capes which can be seen in the picture. We are looking for any new members who want to join. We currently don't have a very good rank because the guild was pretty much dead for awhile. But we where on the ladder at one time. So if anyone wants to join or know more information about the guild you can email me.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rap, Is It Even Music?

Well the answer to that is no! Rap shouldn't be considered music in my opinion. All it is is people talking. They don't have good guitars, drums, bass, banjos, or anything like that. No good instruments or good vocals. To have good music you need a good combination of vocals and instruments. You can't get away with just one, except in some songs that are just instrumental. Why do people like it? I never could figure it out. The subject of the songs also sucks. For the most part it's only about drugs and killing people. Not the best topics for songs if you ask me. Although there are some good songs about drugs but that's different. So to everyone who reads this. Don't listen to rap. Listen to real music.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

TV Vs The Internet.

I read an article this morning about if the internet will take over TV. I think that a lot of people would use the internet to watch TV, but a lot more would still prefer to watch it on a TV. Personally I think that it would be better on a computer because you can pause, fast forward, rewind, and do whatever you want without any extra boxes sitting on your TV. People can already do all that with a TV tuner card but they still only get the channels that they can normally get from there cable company. With the one new way they are talking about they would charge people to download shows and movies kind of like what some companies are doing with music. I don't really think that idea would work very well. The reason I don't think so is because you wouldn't be able to watch new shows that you have never seen before without buying them first and then deciding if you like it or not. But if they just charged a monthly fee like they do for cable now I think it would go over pretty well. There would still be people who don't want to watch TV on there computers though. Here is the article I read.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Google's New Custom Homepage Feature

I figured I would write up a blog on my favorite Google feature. It is the custom homepage. You can add or remove many different things. They have news from different sites, weather, word of the day, quotes, and more. And of course with it being Google it has the all-mighty search on top. I use it to check the weather everyday. And I also use it for the news too. But my favorite part is the quotes section. Everyday it shows me three new quotes and who they are by. There have been some really good ones on there. Everyday I go on at least to check the quotes. I love reading quotes by different people. On my homepage I have the weather, three new quotes each day, the word of the day, news from CNET, news from Tech Dirt, the top stories form whatever news place they come from(I really don't know as I rarely read any of them), and finally the all-mighty Google search. Plus you can add different amounts of the things like more news from a particular site or more words of the day. What would we all do without Google? You have to love it.

Final Fantasy VII: Advant Children

I loved that movie. The storyline was great. A traditional FF story except not so much romance. All the FFVII characters came back and the way they arrived was pretty cool too. And Aries, my favorite FF character, even came back sort of. The graphics are so good that it looks like real actors doing the movie. It has the best graphics I have ever seen in an animated movie. The characters looked like they did in the game for the most part. Cid was too young. And Vincent didn't act much like a vampire. But other than that it was very accurate. The only bad thing is it was to short. Us hardcore FF fans want to sit and watch a 5 or 6 hour FF movie. Not just a 2 and a half hour one. But it was great. I am hoping for another to come out. I don't think there will be one though because they didn't leave much room for a sequel. One other thing is that if you didn't play the game you may not understand some things. They don't explain some of it very well. But if you played the game it all will make perfect sense.

Modding For Morrowind: The Good And The Bad

Modding for Morrowind is good and is also bad. It is good because it's fun. It's fun to be able to make pretty much whatever you want to. Houses, weapons, NPC's, towns, islands, you can make anything. You can get it exactly how you want it. You can release it to other people who want to download it and they can use it in there game too. But the bad part is that after you make your first mod the game gets boring. After I started modding I didn't play the game anymore. Every time I tried to play all I did was think of new things to add or change. So back to the construction set I went and made more stuff. I would really like to play it more but I can't get into the game anymore. I only play the game when I'm testing out a mod. But with the upcoming release of the next game in the series, Oblivion, I hope to play the game for a good while before modding for it.

The War In Iraq And President Bush.

So many people disagree with the war in Iraq. I really don't see why everyone is against it. Some people say that we are only over there because Bush wants to finish what his dad started. So what if that's true? Most of us would do the same. I think that the older Bush should have finished the war back in Desert Storm. But he didn't so it needed to be finished by someone. And who better to do it than his son? People say that there where weapons of mass destruction over there. I believe that there where. If they where going to use them against us or not I guess we will never know for sure. But the bottom line is I see nothing wrong with the war for whatever reason it was started. I think that you should support America's troop and also your president. I hear so many people complain about him when in my opinion he did nothing wrong. He did what he thought he had to do to get a dictator out of power. He is doing his best so what more do people want from him? And also people blame him for high gas prices. What did he do call up the weather man and order a hurricane? I don't think so.

So Many Zombies In Half-Life 2...

Why did they add so many zombies? There are so many that it acualy makes the game boring because all they do is run at you for the most part. They don't shoot at you. They don't try to dodge your shots. They don't do anything to make the game more fun. It would be much more fun if we could fight the guards/army the whole time instead. They acualy try to stay alive and also try to kill you. It is a very fun game but as I said it tends to get boring. I acualy stopped playing in the level "I Won't Goto Ravenholm". Yea, I wish I didn't goto Ravenholm... All there are is zombies there. I want to get farther but it gets boring after like 10 minutes of killing mindless creatures. But the game is really good. The physics kick ass! The AI of the enemies is also very good except for the zombies of course. But I just wish they didn't add so many zombies to the game.
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